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Halloween is a night of fun costumes and lots of sweets. However, it can be really dangerous. And I'm not talking about the vampires and witches walking about. With so much going on, road safety can often be overlooked, which we must remember as trick-or-treating occurs on your local roads.

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On Halloween, not only is it important to talk to your kids about road safety, but if you have some trick-or-treaters of your own, talk to them about road safety.

Teach them to safely cross the street by using the crosswalk and looking both ways before crossing. But it would help if you also practiced safe driving; stay safe this Halloween.

Follow our list of Halloween-safe driving tips & road safety.


  • The prime time for trick-or-treaters is between 5 pm and 9 pm, so you must be especially careful during these hours. When the sun sets, the moon is out, streetlights come on, and the sky is pitch black, it becomes much harder to see children crossing the roads. As often children's costumes are dark coloured, we suggest adding something reflective to their costumes so it's easier for drivers to see them.
  • Drive around slowly on Halloween; remember, children are excited, and with so much going on, road safety will slip their minds. So, always ensure you are one step ahead, as children sometimes don’t cross in designated zones. They may see a friend and run right across or zoom diagonally across to the house, giving the most sweets out. So, you should always be prepared and be on your breaks.
  • Always communicate with pedestrians and drivers while on the roads, using your indicators and hazard lights. Always use your indicator when turning left or right, even if you think no one is in sight. Ensure to use your hazards if you're stopping for any reason. And slowly pass parked cars as they often load and unload their kids in and out of the vehicle.
  • People often celebrate Halloween with parties, so if you plan to drink, ensure not to take your vehicle. Plan someone else to be the designated driver for the night; this will help keep you and the trick-or-treaters safe. Did you know? Around 44% of accidents on Halloween are caused by drunk drivers.
  • When using your phone while driving, did you know you are four times more likely to crash. Therefore, keeping your phone away while driving is super important, even staying off hands-free to ensure you are 100% concentrated on the roads.

Article posted on: 24 October 2023. Author: Megan

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