How to prepare your
vehicle for winter


Is your vehicle ready for this winter?

The autumn season has arrived, and winter will be here before we know it. So, it is essential to prepare your vehicle for the harsher weather conditions you may experience. Here is your top tip guide on preparing your vehicle for this winter.

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We understand that we all have busy lives, but it is essential to make the time to ensure your vehicle is prepared for winter. The changing of seasons affects us all. So make sure you're one step ahead of cold and snowy winter weather by doing a few simple checks on your vehicle today.

Essential checklist of things to do to prepare

-Check your oil levels; ensure that the oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on your car's dipstick.

-Always give yourself enough time to de-ice and clean your vehicle before you set off on your journey.

-Always have plenty of fuel in your tank, as you want to avoid being stranded on the roadside in bad weather.

-Check the weather forecast and avoid non-essential journeys in extreme weather conditions.

-Keep your lights clean; you can do this by wiping them over with a cloth. This will prevent them from getting dirty and stop you from losing light.

-Test your battery, as the risk of battery failure is greater in cold, wet, icy conditions.

-Pay attention to your dashboard warning lights; if one appears on the dashboard, ensure to get it checked out right away.

-Assess your tires, as worn tires are hazardous around this time of year. Tires need a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm by law, but we recommend you change them to 3mm to maintain a safe stopping distance.

-Check your wiper blades and top up on the window screen wash. Ensure that your window wipers are in good condition and can clean your window screen properly. And always top up your winder screen wash so that you always have a clear view while driving, make sure you add the correct anti-freeze for your vehicle as there are all different types. 

-Ensure to top up antifreeze; this will stop the water in the engine's cooling system from freezing.

-Check if your car is due a service, plan ahead, and ensure you're booked in, in good time.

-Check your brakes, and ensure they are in tip-top condition. Always set off gently in case the disc, callipers, or handbrake have frozen up.

Survival kit for winters on the road

Ice scraper and de-icer – Always carry ice scraper and de-icer, as these items will effectively defrost your car's winder screen and windows.

Did you know?

You could get 3 points on your license and a £100 fine if you drive your vehicle and have not removed ice or snow properly from your vehicle.

Torch and spare batteries – With the dark nights approaching, ensure to keep a torch and spare batteries handy in case of a breakdown.

An in-car phone charger or power pack – In case of a breakdown and you need to contact emergency services.

Sat-nav- To ensure you don't get lost on dark, unfamiliar roads, however, we do always suggest planning your route ahead.

Sunglasses- Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car, even in winter. As the low sun in winter dazzles drivers and causes glares.

First aid kit- This is essential to have, no matter the weather. A good first-aid kit should include sterile wipes, plasters, dressings, and scissors to treat minor wounds.

Empty fuel can – Many breakdowns are caused by the vehicle running out of fuel. Always keep an eye on your fuel, and ensure you have a suitable amount before making the journey.

Article posted on: 26 September 2023. Author: Megan

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